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Subject: How Does A 10 Minute “Work Day” Sound?

Pretty good I imagine.

Especially if you’re still pulling your sleepy ass out of bed at some ridiculous hour to go and work a full 40+ hour week.


Just the idea of getting back into that kind of “routine” gives me nightmares.

Once you’ve worked full time online…

There’s NO going back.

And I believe this is an excellent fit for you if you’re truly serious about replacing your current income (and then some) with internet earnings:

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I have to admit that I have lulled you into a false sense of security slightly as NOT every day will be an easy-peasy 10 minute work day BUT…

If you follow this killer formula plenty of days will be.

No need to master any difficult skills…

No need to risk loads of money…

No need to free up bundles and bundles of time…

Discover the simple secret to slashing your work day to just 10-30 minutes here:

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And you’ll see how normal folk like you are managing to DOUBLE their incomes without having to do crazy-long work weeks.

This is seriously cool…

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Subject: The 10 Minute Secret To Making A Full Time Income

Give me 10 minutes of your time…

I’ll give you a brilliant way to earn a full time income online.

And by that I don’t mean in 11 minutes time you’ll be frickin’ raking it in…

It takes a bit longer than than for the online cash register to start ringing 🙂

Instead you’ll discover THE formula for saying bon voyage to your job in the shortest time that’s humanly possible.

This free presentation reveals all…

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In less than the time it takes to make a half decent microwave meal you’ll have rocketed your chances of finding success online AND been let in on what I believe to be the #1 key to making full time money quickly.

In other words…

You can’t afford to miss this…

And that’s why you need to take immediate action.

I know for a fact that this free presentation will NOT be online for very long.

Check it out here:

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Talk Soon,

Subject: Why You Probably Won’t Make $1 Revealed


You’re basically a horse with 3 legs.

Let me explain…

Statistically, the odds of you making so much as $1 online are stacked against you.

97% of frustrated 9-5ers that come to the internet looking for a way out don’t find one.

So regardless of who you are, how smart you are and what other advantages you have…

If you were a horse I wouldn’t put any money on you “winning”.

You may as well have 3 legs.

But it’s not all “doom and gloom”…

3% of marketers still do pretty nicely for themselves…

And if you’re half smart, half serious about making some serious money you can break into that elite group of people pretty easily.

(What I failed to mention earlier is that the vast majority of marketers are super lazy and have no real plan to make it happen)

“Pretty easily” if you have the formula for success anyway…

You can get that here:

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Watch that presentation and you’ll see how half smart, half serious marketers from all over this little planet of ours are filling their PayPal accounts with tasty commissions.

You’ll immediately stack the odds back in your favor…

And lose your title of a “3 legged horse”.

And for only $27 you can even go one better and become a fast, four legged beast that quite simply... wins.

The winners link is here:

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